A series of collages I made representing the process of cyberization of the human body. Largely inspired by HR Giger, with some parts of his art borrowed. First image is the sorting and refining process, followed by the transformation itself, third in the series is the finished being.

Part of a story I’m working on.

Then I’m walking in a room with a low ceiling and no walls in sight. Two flat and limitless planes of white and red. I look down and see blood, slowly rising, and flat with stillness. I am frozen solid, as I feel myself float in familiar waves of the ocean. I open my eyes and see thick strands of light swimming through the dark red space. They start to circle me with blinding speed. Like a school of fish with a systematic hive mind intention. One of them wraps around me, then another. They start tightening and constricting. The light consumes me. Then I am thrashing, my screams are muffled by the liquid. All I hear is the abrasive electronic hiss of a transistor radio, amplified by the sun, deafening me. It’s comforting. My lungs fill with liquid, and I die.